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This is our section covering all our buying guides to the from the most popular brands like Rolex, Omega and Audemar Piguet to our insight views on divers, gold watches and gift guides.

A guide to Cartier Tank watches

A guide to Panerai Radiomir watches

A guide to Rolex Cellini watches

A guide to Breitling Navitimer watches

A guide to the IWC Pilot Watch

A guide to the Patek Philippe Aquanaut

A guide to the Vacheron Constantin Overseas watch

A guide to vintage Universal Geneve watches

An introductory guide to A. Lange & Sohne wathes

An introductory guide to FP Journe watches

An introductory guide to Sinn watches

An introductory guide to the Patek Philippe Nautilus

Exploring the history of the Breguet Type XX watch

Exploring the history of the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms

Exploring the history of the Zenith Defy watch

A guide to the Panerai Luminor

Modern Montblanc watches powered by Minerva movements

What to know before buying a pre-owned Aquanaut watch

What you should know before buying a pre-owned Nautilus

Why Richard Mille watches are so popular

A guide to the Cartier Santos watches

A guide to Breitling chronographs

Breitling watches are solid, reliable and functional making them great investment pieces and gifts to mark a special milestone reached in life.

A guide to Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watches

The ultimate guide to Rolex Sky-Dweller

Its striking aesthetic made it instantly recognisable amongst avid Rolex watch-collecting circles.

A guide to Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watches

If you’re waiting to stumble upon a popular Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watch, you’re going to pay a premium price for it.

Top Rolex Releases in 2022: Green and Black Left-Handed GMT-Master II and Air-King with Crown Guards Make the Headlines

Geneva is currently holding a watch celebration, Watches & Wonders 2022, with Rolex joining in with the unveiling of its 2022 collection. One of the iconic pieces headlining the new releases is the green and black left-handed GMT-Master II, which has been long rumored.

Rolex Increases Prices in 2022, According to the Reports

Recently, Professional Watches spotted subtle watch price changes on Rolex.com: Rolex started this year with increased retail prices. Professional Watches reported that some of Rolex’s most outstanding timepieces have already gone up by about 3.4% on average.

Michael Jordan Spotted Wearing Custom URWERK UR-220 at the NBA 2022 All-Star Game

From Beats by Dre headphones to Nike sneakers and even watches, fashion has been a part of the NBA for a while. During the 2022 All-Star Game hosted by the Cleveland Cavaliers, the great Michael Jordan was in attendance. Jordan was also among the stars present at halftime when the NBA paid tribute t...

Leonardo Dicaprio Among Top Celebrities Spotted With the Patek Philippe Tiffany Blue Dial Nautilus

Only a few watch collectors have been spotted wearing the Patek Philippe Nautilus Tiffany-blue dial 5711 model. The first piece from this priceless collection was auctioned for $6.5 million in less than 15 minutes in December 2021. This indicates just how valuable and sought-after the timepieces are...

In Ten Years, Rolex Watches Appreciated Higher than Most Asset Classes

Recently, luxury watches like Audemars Piguet, F.P Journe, and Patek Philippe have become a worthy investment option to many. However, among these luxury watches, the famous Swiss manufacturer - Rolex has consistently remained the first choice for most luxury watch lovers.

How Ethereal: Swatch's Tribute to The Queen's Platinum Jubilee

Swatch has revealed an eye-catching, color-changing watch to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee, which takes place this weekend.

How Audemars Piguet Overtook Patek Philippe To Become the Fourth-Largest Watch Brand

A reliable annual industry report shows that Audemars Piguet has overtaken Patek Philippe over the past year in sales. This pushes Audemars Piguet to become the fourth largest watch brand globally.

Heavyweight Wrist Wear Spotting at the Super Bowl LVI

The celebrities who graced the Super Bowl LVI were spotted wearing some pretty heavyweight wristwear, from iced-out Richard Mille to custom Rolex. Below are some of these items on display by top celebrities at the Super Bowl Final.

G-SHOCK Honors the Year of the Tiger with the MTG-B1000 Limited Edition

G-SHOCK has released a limited edition MTG-B1000 to celebrate the Lunar New Year. This would be the first time an MTG model has been used as a base for the Chinese New Year edition.

G-SHOCK Adds Neon Accents to the GA-2100 in New Timepiece Series

G-SHOCK's Neon Accent Series is a three-piece collection of timepieces reinvented with luminescent hands and labels. The watches retain the stealth black body of the original SHOCK GA-2100. Added to the revamped watches are accents of neon blue, neon green, and neon orange to the hands, hour marker ...

Eye-catching Watches From the Oscars 2022 Red Carpet

This year, the Academy Awards attracted a large number of viewers from all over the world. Thus, the 2022 Oscars was a platform for many celebrities to display their outstanding outfits - as expected. But away from the fancy dresses, one fashion accessory which proved to be a massive hit at the Awar...

Bernard Arnault Spotted Wearing a Special Tiffany Blue Patek Philippe 5740

It is a good thing to be the billionaire owner of some of the world’s most luxurious brands, no doubt. Being one of the wealthiest men globally and the billionaire owner of LVMH, Bernard Arnault is flexing without apology.

Audemars Piguet Watches Worth Millions of Dollars Seized in Russia

Russian agents have seized Audemars Piguet watches worth millions of dollars from a local subsidiary in the city of Moscow. Swiss sanctions against Russia early this month are strongly believed to be the reason for the move.

Audemars Piguet Purchases the Authentic Royal Oak Design at Auction for $610,586

At Sotheby's Hong Kong auction yesterday, the original hand-painted design of a specific watch was sold for $610,586. In case you didn't know, this was the design that would go on to become the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak.

All You Need to Know About the Omega x Swatch Speedmaster MoonSwatch Collection

Moonwatch enthusiasts and collectors would surely appreciate the references in the new Speedmaster MoonSwatch collection. For example, the Moon version contains 5% stainless steel powder in its Bioceramic mix, a brilliant nod to the stainless steel watches that made it to the Moon in 1969.

A guide to the Rolex Yacht-Master

Over the years, the Rolex Yacht-Master watch has grown significantly, becoming one of the most diverse ranges of Rolex watch available.

The history of the Rolex Turn-O-Graph

Of all the highly collectable Rolex watches, the Turn-O-Graph is by far one of the most revolutionary designs in the entire history of watchmaking. Its disruptive design featured a rotatable bezel as its key feature and was first released in the year 1953.

The ultimate guide to the Rolex President watch

The Rolex Day-Date watch, otherwise known as the President watch, needs barely any introduction at all. It is one of the world’s most recognisable timepieces in the luxury watch industry, instantly recognisable for its signature three-link bracelet.

Ultimate guide to the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso watch

Jaeger-LeCoultre watches transcend time by delicately balancing Haute Horlogerie with imaginative, timeless designs. The Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso is a perfect example of this. Its iconic rectangular design has been an expression of Swiss elegance and expert mechanical engineering since its conceptio...

Watches worn by Royalty

Wedding dresses, jewellery and clothing styles are the topic of conversation when it comes to discussing members of the royal family. But have you ever wondered which watches are worn by royalty? Members of the royal family have strategically chosen timepieces that not only make for a standout state...

Popular Casio G-Shock watches

Casio produced its G-Shock watch series at a very important time within the watch industry. There were very few shock-resistant watches circulating the market. Those that claimed to be tough and resilient were soon cast into the shadows when the first Casio G-Shock watch launched. It could withstand...

The Best Two-Tone Rolex watches

What may surprise many, is that Rolex has been manufacturing two-tone watches since the 1930s. What’s more, it makes its gold materials in-house and, as a result, trademarked the name “Rolesor” to refer to any watches that combine stainless steel with gold components. To extend on this, Rolex offers...

The history of the Rolex Milgauss

One of the not-so talked about Rolex watch is the Milgauss - a watch that takes its name from “Mille” – French for 1000 and Gauss – the unit used for measuring magnetic fields. The Rolex Milgauss launched during the 1950s and has a very special purpose. Just as the famous watchmaker has released mod...

A guide to some of the best watches with "big faces"

A few years ago, big face watches became a real trendsetter and this became a problem for those who risked having their slender wrist swallowed up by a big chunk of steel. Nowadays, watch trends have resumed and normal-sized watches are once again filling up the market. Big men’s watches now belong ...

The ultimate guide to James Bond watches

Let’s be clear if James Bond was to wear a Casio or Sekonda watch on his wrist – he’d still manage to make it look good. Somehow, the 007 agent can’t look bad even if he tried. His classic style transcends time and for a man with the finest taste in luxury – he would choose no other than the finest ...

The ultimate guide to Rolex nicknames [2021]

Some Rolex watch nicknames are used almost as much as their official names. You don’t need to remember them all – but this guide identifies some of the most popular Rolex nicknames that have been given to watches due to the colour of their dials and the bezels that surround them.

The best bronze watches to own in 2021

Bronze watches really burst onto the watchmaking scene a few years ago and have become a highly collectable and desirable thing to own.

Best modern dress watches to own in 2021

What are some of the best modern dress watches to own in 2021? If you’re an avid watch collector, you’ll be more than familiar with the rise of the tool watch, sparked by the need for functionality, reliability and performance during war times.

Top 10 entry-level watches from some of the world’s biggest watch brands

If you are a newbie looking to make your first luxury watch purchase, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will go through the definition of what is considered an entry-level luxury watch, everything that makes a great entry-level luxury watch, along with the 10 best entry-level lux...

Buying Vintage Watches: Condition or Rarity?

Do you opt for condition or rarity when buying a vintage watch? With so many considerations to factor in, buying vintage watches from the pre-owned market can be an overwhelming task. This article outlines some key factors to consider before purchasing a vintage watch, including how to balance quali...

A guide to choosing the perfect watch at Christmas

Out with the chocolates and in with the real gifts this Christmas. 2021 marks a year of emotional upheaval and uncertainty. But there is a glimmer of hope that normality will soon return. With that in mind, there is no better excuse to invest in a special timepiece for a loved one this Christmas. In...

Buying Guide to Popular Rolex Day Date

Simply known as the President, the Day-Date is the brand’s signature luxury wristwatch. Introduced in 1956 and exclusively made in precious metals, the Rolex Day-Date is recognized as the ultimate symbol of power and prestige.

The Seiko 5 Sport watch collection

Japanese watch manufacturer, Seiko is a globally-renowned innovator of both quartz and mechanical watches and has remained at the forefront of the watch industry for decades. The manufacturer produces all of its components in house and offers a mix of everything in its catalogue, from classic three-...

All you need to know about the Seiko Marinemaster watch collection

Seiko’s aquatically-inspired Marinemaster watch collection represents expert dive watch technology and craftsmanship. Uniquely, the nicknames of many models belonging to this collection have been adopted by their collectors as opposed to Seiko itself.

The Grand Seiko Spring Drive Snowflake

The Grand Seiko Spring Drive Snowflake SBGA211 is a profoundly interesting watch and an investment-worthy proposition for anyone with a love for all things Seiko or indeed, the Japanese brand’s ground-breaking Spring Drive technology. Apart from its beautifully shaped hands and simplified dial layou...

Popular Unimatic watches

Incredibly good looking unimatic watches also manage to stay south of the thousand dollars/euros mark. Unimatic is a Milan-based manufacturer of limited edition tool watches with strikingly simple dial designs. By extracting core design elements from some of the world’s iconic dive watches, the tim...

Popular Tudor watches

Tudor was founded in 1926 by Hans Wilsdorf. Between the 1960s and 1980’s the company crafted dive watches for the US Navy, yet these wristwatches were also suitable for everyday use, making them a popular option for individuals of all professions.

Popular Rolex Explorer watches

The popular Rolex Explorer watches outlined in this guide below can still be enjoyed for their practical functions as much as they can their ruggedly handsome looks.

Popular Rolex Daytona Cosmograph watches

Whether you’re making use out of the Daytona watch from a practical point-of-view or wearing it to help you stand out from a crowd, this guide highlights some of the most popular models from the used and the new market.

Popular Panerai Radiomir watches

Here are a few popular Panerai Radiomir watches that illustrate the brand’s passion for underwater timekeeping instruments and an unstoppable quest for innovation. The radium-based luminescent material from which the collection takes its name was founded by Panerai in 1916. It would be another 20 ye...

Popular Panerai Luminor watches

The Panerai Luminor watch has come to be a recognized sports watch with several distinctive design features. There are rare collector’s editions as well as popular wristwatches that promise longevity on the wrist combined with an instantly recognizable design. That’s what watch enthusiasts love abou...

Popular Hublot watches

Hublot watches are so appealing because of their unique and highly recognizable designs.

Popular Hublot Big Bang watches

This guide outlines some Hublot Big Bang watches that are worthy of serious consideration when looking for the next watch to add to your collection.

Most popular diamond Cartier watches

If you’re looking to invest in a diamond Cartier watch you may want to consider factors like your budget, your wrist size, and your style preference first.

Popular Cartier watches

If you’re new to buying a Cartier watch you may want to look at some of the manufacturer’s most popular models.

Popular Cartier Tank watches

Similarities can be seen in the square and rectangular shapes of the cases belonging to watches from the Tank collection, with lines and proportions similar to battlefield tanks.

A comparison between two of the best luxury watchmakers, Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe.

Here’s how the two prestigious manufacturers go head to head in this comparison guide which should help you decide which brand you prefer the most.

Grand Seiko or Rolex, which one has better specialized in watchmaking?

Seiko or Rolex? We compared the heritage of both companies, as well as their most popular lines and a comparison guide to their respective prices to help you decide which watch is best for you.

Seiko or Citizen? A guide to best Japanese watches

It was the quartz crisis (or quartz revolution) that helped put Japanese watch brands like Seiko and Citizen on the map for their affordability and their reliability, but both brands were manufacturing watches long before they began chiseling a chunk out of the watch marke

Coolest Watches for Teenagers

Wristwatches for teenagers are available in a mixture of fun colors, creative styles, and interesting materials, but it can be difficult to know which watch a teenager will love.

A Buying Guide to the best luxury Cartier watches

Founded in Paris, France in 1847, the company is best known for its lavish timepieces. Over the years, they have successfully developed many different types of watches.

Which Rolex watches hold their value?

Dreaming to own a Rolex watch? Here are the Rolex that historically have hold their value

Which Omega watches hold their value?

Dreaming to own a Omega watch? Here are the Omega that historically have hold their value

Which Cartier watches hold their value?

Dreaming to own a Cartier watch? Here are the Cartier that historically have hold their value.

Which Breitling watches hold their value?

Dreaming to own a Breitling watch? Here are the Breitling that historically have hold their value

Undecided between Rolex and Hublot? Here is your guide

Undeniably Rolex and Hublot have both created some legendary wristwatches over the years. But if you are undecided should you go for Rolex or Hublot?

Undecided Between Hamilton vs Seiko? Here is your guide

Seiko’s innovative Japanese technology revolutionized the watch industry and brought new territories in timekeeping. Hamilton is a Swiss watch brand associated with creating a huge portfolio of pilot and outdoor watches.

How to Spot a Fake Seiko Watch

The style and details may vary according to watch model and country. But check that all copy is aligned and evenly spaced.

Undecided between Tudor and Rolex? Here is our guide to help your watch hunt

Wondering what is the main differences between Rolex and its sister company, Tudor are? If you’re considering investing in either a Rolex watch or a Tudor watch, it’s a question you will soon be asking yourself.

How to Change a Casio Watch Battery

In order to change a Casio watch battery, owners require a jeweller's screwdriver set or any effective screwdriver that can open the back of the watch.

A buying guide to most popular Rolex Yacht-Master Models

Over the course of its history, the Rolex Yacht-Master collection has expanded into a varied lineup with watches offered in several sizes, materials, and colors. Here’s a guide to some of the most popular Rolex Yacht-Master watches, ranging from discontinued models to current-production ones.

A Guide to Popular Two-Tone Rolex Watches

Whether with yellow gold or Everose gold details, in dress watch or sports watch form, two-tone timepieces have always been a popular choice within Rolex’s catalog.

Buying Guide to Popular Zenith El Primero Watches

During a time when only manual-wound chronographs were available Zenith set to launch one of the first movement which made them an icon still today.

Buying Guide to Popular Rolex Submariner Watches

From its debut as a straightforward tool watch for scuba divers to its current status as the ultimate luxury sports watch the Submariner line offers different colours, variations.

Buying Guide to Popular Rolex GMT Master II Watches

Orginally develop for the Pan Am pilots to track simultaneously two time zones its iconic design to read a 24-hour hand pointing to a bidirectional rotating 24-hour bezel.

Buying Guide to Popular Patek Philippe Nautilus Watches

With is octagonal bezel and an integrated steel bracelet the Nautilus went from being an anomaly to one of the most sought after watches in the world. Here are some of the most popular lines produced.

Buying Guide to Popular Rolex Oyster Perpetual Watches

Instantly recognizable thanks to its design, the oyster perpetual has a incredible range of sizes and materials. Add into the mix bracelets and different dial options to find an incredible variety for everyone's taste.

Buying Guide to Popular Omega Seamaster Watches

Since its debut in 1948 the Seamaster is one of Omega most versatile and popular watch line. From professional divers to vintage re-issue this guide is for the water-ready.

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