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Buying Guide to Popular Rolex Day Date

Simply known as the President, the Day-Date is the brand’s signature luxury wristwatch. Introduced in 1956 and exclusively made in precious metals, the Rolex Day-Date is recognized as the ultimate symbol of power and prestige.

Guide To Popular Rolex Day-Date Models

Aptly named the Day-Date, this Rolex model was the world’s first wristwatch to include both a window for the date and a window for the day of the week written out in full on the dial. It is also worth noting that Rolex specifically created the President bracelet for the Day-Date, characterized by semi-circular links in a three-link configuration. The name of the bracelet coupled with the fact that the Day-Date became the must-have watch among some of the world’s most powerful people paved the way for the watch’s famous nickname, the Rolex President watch. Today, the President is available in two sizes, four types of precious metals, and with or without diamonds; delve into our guide to discover some popular Rolex Day-Date models.

Rolex Day-Date 36

When the Day-Date made its debut, it donned a 36mm case—which has remained the principal diameter for the watch collection over the last six decades. In 2019, Rolex released the newest iterations of the Day-Date 36, all equipped with the latest-generation Caliber 3235 automatic movement. Aside from the new movement, which boasts improved accuracy, precision, resistance to shocks, and an increased power reserve of 70 hours (compared to the previous 40 hours), the fresh Rolex President watches all maintain the Day-Date’s signature style.

The Day-Date 36 models are available in yellow gold, white gold, and Everose gold (Rolex’s proprietary pink gold alloy). Rolex offers a choice of a fluted bezel or a diamond-set bezel and all models are currently paired with the iconic President bracelet. In true Rolex fashion, the Day-Date 36 collection offers a wide assortment of dial styles ranging from classic colors like champagne and silver to exotic materials like turquoise, pink opal, and mother-of-pearl to lavish diamond-paved surfaces with colored sapphire hour markers. 

Rolex also introduced a dial designed it calls “ombre” featuring a color gradient that turns darker as it goes from the center to the periphery. All of the 36mm President watch versions are fitted with sapphire crystal above the dial with the customary Cyclops magnification lens protruding above the date window at 3 o’clock.

Price Range

  • Yellow Gold Day-Date 36 ref. 128238 (fluted bezel) starting at $33,150
  • Yellow Gold Day-Date 36 ref. 128348 (diamond-set bezel) starting at $46,250
  • White Gold Day-Date 36 ref. 128239 (fluted bezel) starting at $35,850
  • White Gold Day-Date 36 ref. 128349 (diamond-set bezel) starting at $48,950
  • Everose Gold Day-Date 36 ref. 128235 (fluted bezel) starting at $38,850
  • Everose Gold Day-Date 36 ref. 128345 (diamond-set bezel) starting at $51,95

Rolex Day-Date 40

In 2015, Rolex unveiled the brand new Day-Date 40 model as the larger alternative to the Day-Date 36 and the replacement to the short-lived Day-Date II lineup.

As its name suggests, the Day-Date 40 watches sport 40mm cases, which is 1mm smaller than the Day-Date II but still notably bigger than the classic 36mm Presidential. Similar to the Day-Date 36, the Day-Date 40 is fashioned from precious metals, is fitted with a President bracelet, and includes a sapphire crystal with the Cyclops date magnification lens. Along with the new case size, the Day-Date 40 debuted the latest-generation Caliber 3235 automatic movement to power the calendar and time functions of the watch. Rolex offers the 40mm President watches in yellow gold, white gold, Everose gold, and platinum, where the gold versions come with either a fluted or diamond bezel and the platinum model offers the choice between a smooth bezel or diamond bezel. 

Yet again, there are plenty of dial designs within the Day-Date 40 including various colors, hour marker styles, and gems. The Day-Date 40 also featured a new dial style embellished with laser-etched patterns such as stripes, quadrants, and checkers. What’s more, the platinum Day-Date also has the option of an ice-blue dial, which is a shade exclusive to platinum Rolex watches

  • Price Range
  • Yellow Gold Day-Date 40 ref. 228238 (fluted bezel) starting at $36,5500
  • Yellow Gold Day-Date 40 ref. 228348 (diamond-set bezel) starting at $51,950
  • White Gold Day-Date 40 ref. 228239 (fluted bezel) starting at $39,250
  • White Gold Day-Date 40 ref. 228349 (diamond-set bezel) starting at $54,650
  • Everose Gold Day-Date 40 ref. 228345 (diamond-set bezel) starting at $54,650
  • Platinum Day-Date 40 ref. 228206 (smooth bezel) starting at $63,250
  • Platinum Day-Date 40 ref. 228396 (diamond-set bezel) starting at $111,850

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Today, the Rolex President’s calendar disc is available in a choice of 26 languages, which speaks to the international appeal and popularity of the Day-Date models. Whether in English, French, Latin, Arabic, Greek, or Chinese, wearing the Rolex Day-Date President is understood across the globe as a marker of personal success.

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