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WatchesGuild, founded in January 2021 out of our passion for watches, initially focused on news, collections, and market trends. In 2022, we revamped our site for improved user experience. By June 2022, we reached 50,000 unique visitors and gained 2,000 global email subscribers. To sustain the site, we introduced an affiliate marketing program, but our content remains independent and unbiased. We don't favor specific brands, face no external pressure, and base our articles on editorial guidelines, not affiliate deals.

Our articles undergo rigorous scrutiny, sometimes taking weeks or months, and we rely on our personal collection, close friends' watches, and insights from collectors in Hong Kong and Italy. We stay attuned to customer preferences by monitoring forums, portals, and other watch blogs.

As a self-funded platform, we operate independently without the influence of outside investors. This financial autonomy empowers us to maintain our editorial integrity and continue delivering unbiased, enthusiast-driven content about watches. Our commitment to remaining investor-free underscores our dedication to providing you with reliable and impartial insights into the world of timepieces.

Our team of writers is spread across different corners of the globe, with contributors in Italy (Bologna), the United Kingdom (Liverpool), and our primary hub located in Hong Kong. This diverse geographical presence enables us to gather insights and perspectives from various watch communities worldwide, enriching the depth and breadth of our coverage.

Our mission is to provide high-quality content that goes beyond mainstream coverage, catering to passionate watch enthusiasts. We're accessible to readers, offering assistance with watch-related inquiries and always open to suggestions for new topics or watches to cover. Feel free to reach out and share your ideas; our team is eager to explore the world of watches with you.

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