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In Ten Years, Rolex Watches Appreciated Higher than Most Asset Classes

On an average, it has topped significant assets like gold, real estate, and stock

Recently, luxury watches like Audemars Piguet, F.P Journe, and Patek Philippe have become a worthy investment option to many. However, among these luxury watches, the famous Swiss manufacturer - Rolex has consistently remained the first choice for most luxury watch lovers.

Although this is not surprising, it’s impressive to see how Rolex watches have appreciated over the years. Based on a 10-year sales study by Bob’s watches, Rolex has continued to appreciate despite its consistent price surge. Rolex’s remarkable value increase has even surpassed major investment assets like stocks, gold, and real estate.


For instance, a used Rolex that cost an average of $5,000 in 2011 now costs over $13,000 by 2021. Rolex prices have recorded a massive value increase over the years. However, the prices went further up due to the pandemic, and the band recorded a higher price increase than it did in the five years before the pandemic.


Surprisingly, all Rolex watch models have increased in value to different extents. For example, the Air-king and Cellini models appreciated averagely. But, Rolex models like Daytona, Sky-dweller, and Day-Date experienced remarkable value increases. Over ten years, the Daytona model tripled in price, while the Sky-dweller experienced a little above a double increase.

So, why is this information important?


Bob’s Watches has recorded ground-breaking sales on the 16610 Submariner in the past ten years. With its value increase, it can as well be ranked the number-one selling Rolex. On the other hand, the two-tone steel and gold 16613 model comes second. Lastly, the GMT Master II 1166710 conveniently occupies third place.

From the 15 Top Rolex Models Sold, there were some notable findings. A few include:

●      Eight of the hit sellers were sports watches

●      The Milgauss model is still in high demand in the luxury watch market

●      Among the 15, the Lady-Datejust (stainless and 18k gold) occupied three spots

Rolex watches remain remarkable timepieces - they are the kind of luxury that can be enjoyed and earned from even after years of use. However, despite the outstanding luxury it offers, there’s no telling whether it’d continue to appreciate at this pace. To learn more about Rolex watches, check out Bob’s watches.

In recent luxury watch News, a vintage Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watch was sold for $200,000. This happened at the Bonhams Paris Watch Auction.

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