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Choosing the Right Strap for Bulova Watches

How to Choose the Right Strap Replacement for a Bulova Watch

Bulova watches are some of the most popular luxury timepieces available, and while many times they last for decades, there are some situations where a replacement watch strap may be needed. Whether the owner is looking to change the look or functionality of the watch, or if the existing strap becomes damaged, finding a watch band replacement is a simple process. When shopping for Bulova watch straps, buyers should keep several things in mind, particularly about the quality and overall condition of the replacement strap. With the right information about replacement options and sizes, any Bulova watch owner can find a strap that fits their needs and their watch.

Choosing the Right Replacement Strap

Typically, when it comes to replacing the watch band on a Bulova watch, you can find replacement straps directly from the brand. However, when shopping for replacement straps, the seller usually lets the buyers know if the straps work with most watch faces. A majority of replacement straps work with nearly every watch face, including Bulova watches. If in doubt, always ask about the band's compatibility with Bulova faces.

Common Watch Strap Sizes

Choosing the right size band is often the most difficult part of finding a replacement strap for a Bulova watch, which is why it is important to have basic information on watch strap sizing.

Determining Watch Strap Width

Typically, watch band widths are measured in millimeters and come in three common sizes. The typical sizes of most Bulova watches are 18 mm, 20 mm and 22 mm. However, there are some models that come in different sizes as well. In order to determine which size is needed, measure the difference between hinges that hold the watch in place, called the lug. Most leather watch bands also have have the size printed on the underside of the strap.

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Reference: 96A187

Case/Dial: 43mm Stainless Steel, Mechanical
30 meters / 100 feet

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Strap: leather

Style: Mechanical

Choosing the Right Strap Length

Strap length is an important consideration when ordering a replacement strap. If the old Bulova strap is no longer available, then a "regular" length should be ordered as a replacement. A ribbon can also be used to determine the strap size. Wrap the ribbon around the wrist until it is a comfortable fit, then measure the length of the ribbon.

The existing watch band can also be used to determine the size band needed. Typically, the easiest way to do this is to take the existing strap, not including the buckle or the face of the watch, and measure it. If the potential replacement strap does not have the specific length in inches, then this simple conversion chart can be used to determine which size works best.

Replacing Your Bulova Watch Strap

After purchasing a replacement strap,painters tape and a springbar tool are needed to complete the strap replacement. Simply follow a few careful steps in order to successfully replace the watch strap.

1. Cover exposed steel with tape to prevent scratching. Painters tape leaves behind no residue.

2. Using the springbar tool, remove the old watch band by slipping it between the inside of the watch band and the case lug. Repeat for both sides of the watch.

3. With the springbar, install the new watch band. Slip the tool into the hole at the end of the band and place one end of the springbar into the hole inside of the lug. Push the new band in between the lugs. Compress the springbar and slide the other end into the second hole. Repeat on both sides

4. Remove the tape and use a soft cloth to wipe the watch's crystal face clean.

When replacing a Bulova watch strap, it is also a good idea to clean inside the lugs of the watch. This is an area of the watch that collects dirt and does not get cleaned often.

How to Buy Bulova Watch Straps on e-commerce

Shopping on proved e-commerce markets, offers buyers a secure shopping destination for finding replacement watch straps. Armed with the right information about watch strap replacement, it is simple to find a new appropriately-sized watch strap. To start searching for new Bulova watch straps, enter the necessary keywords into the search box on any online e-commerce. If the buyer knows the precise size of watch strap needed, this should be included in the search in order to narrow down the selection. Remember to use other relevant keywords that accurately describe the watch strap in question, such as "leather," "women's," or "nylon." With these search specifications in mind, buyers can easily find a replacement strap for their Bulova watch.

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