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How Ethereal: Swatch's Tribute to The Queen's Platinum Jubilee

This color-changing dial will constantly give the monarch a daily wardrobe change.

Swatch has revealed an eye-catching, color-changing watch to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee, which takes place this weekend.


Her Majesty, The Queen, will commemorate her 70 years of service with a Platinum Jubilee - seemingly breaking the record of previous monarchs. Swatch's How Majestic model from the Original Gent series exemplifies the monarch's outstanding success. The 70 gold dots positioned around the outside of the watch's dial serve as a reference.

The How Majestic also honors the British monarch's colorful attire. The centerpiece of the watch has a color-changing calendar wheel beneath the dial that changes the Queen's outfit color every day. This thoughtfully depicts The Queen's style and her love for bold colors, as observed in many public appearances.

On the white dial, Her Majesty is depicted (with one of her corgis) wearing a statement hat, brooch, and handbag. The watch's matte white case and silicone strap have a metallic look, giving the bracelet a royal sheen. In addition, a glittering silver-colored crown is included in the exclusive sleeve packaging, protected by one of the devoted Queen's guards.

Swatch is currently selling the How Majestic for £83 or $100. The 30 meters water-resistant timepiece has a guarantee of 24 months.

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