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A buying guide to most popular Rolex Yacht-Master Models

Guide To Popular Rolex Yacht-Master Models

Rolex debuted the Yacht-Master watch in 1992 as a luxury sports watch crafted in precious gold yet durable enough for an active life at sea. The nautical-inspired Rolex watch featured a rotating timing bezel, a water-resistance rating of 100 meters, and a time and date dial. The Yacht-Master shared many design traits with the famed Submariner watch—such as a similar dial layout, case silhouette, and bracelet style—but it was a touch more luxurious thanks to its own set of design details. Over the course of its history, the Rolex Yacht-Master collection has expanded into a varied lineup with watches offered in several sizes, materials, and colors. Here’s a guide to some of the most popular Rolex Yacht-Master watches, ranging from discontinued models to current-production ones.

Where it all began:

The very first Yacht-Master model that Rolex released was a full yellow gold version. It sported a 40mm yellow gold case, a yellow gold rotating bezel with raised numerals, and a yellow gold three-link Oyster bracelet. Two years later in 1994, Rolex followed it up with two other yellow gold models—a ladies’ 29mm version and a midsize 35mm version. While Rolex no longer produces full yellow gold Yacht-Master models, they remain popular in the secondary market.

In 2015, Rolex introduced the very first Everose gold (the brand’s own rose gold pink alloy) Yacht-Master. However, rather than a full gold model, the Everose gold Yacht-Master models (available in 40mm and 37mm) included black ceramic bezels with raised numerals and a brand new black rubber-clad metal band called the Oysterflex bracelet. Dial options include sleek black and lavish diamond-paved. It’s also worth mentioning that there are some rare Everose gold Yacht-Master 40 models furnished with rotating bezels set with multi-colored precious gems (diamond, sapphire, and tsavorite). 

Here is a flamboyant version of it of the Everose gold Yacht-Master 40:

Finally, in 2019, Rolex released the first white gold Yacht-Master watch. Not only is this the only white gold Yacht-Master model ever made, but with its 42mm case, it is also the largest. 

Similar to the Everose gold model, the white gold Yacht-Master is fitted with a black ceramic bezel and black Oysterflex bracelet, along with a black dial. 

Prices (current collection):

  1. Everose Gold Yacht-Master 37 ref. 268655: $23,250 - 41,000
  2. Everose Gold Yacht-Master 40 ref. 126655: $27,300 – 47,150
  3. White Gold Yacht-Master 40 ref. 226659: $28,900

Rolesium Rolex Yacht-Master Models

In 1999, Rolex presented a new metal combination the brand called Rolesium, which brings together stainless steel and platinum on one watch. Like the yellow gold models, the Rolesium Yacht-Master models were offered in 40mm, 35mm, and 29mm versions. 

Regardless of the size, all the watches include stainless steel cases, stainless steel Oyster bracelets, and platinum rotating bezels with raised numerals. Particular popular versions of the Rolesium Yacht-Master watches are those with sandblasted platinum dials—although discontinued, these platinum dial Yacht-Masters are still widely available in the pre-owned market. 

Currently, Rolex still makes steel and platinum Yacht-Master watches. However, size options have been scaled down to 40mm and 37mm since Rolex stopped making 29mm or 35mm versions of the Yacht-Master around 2015. The Rolesium Yacht-Master 40 offers the choice between a rhodium gray or a blue dial while the Rolesium Yacht-Master 37 only comes with a rhodium gray dial. 

Prices (current collection): 

  1. Rolesium Yacht-Master 37 ref. 268622: $11,250
  2. Rolesium Yacht-Master 40 ref. 126622: $12,000

Rolesor Rolex Yacht-Master Models

Rolesor is the term Rolex gives to its models that mix gold and steel details—better known as two-tone watches. The first two-tone Yacht-Master watches, which featured steel cases topped with yellow gold bezels and steel Oyster bracelets with yellow gold center links, were launched in the mid-1990s. However, Rolesor Yacht-Master watches were first only offered in midsize (35mm) and ladies (29mm) sizes. The men’s 40mm two-tone yellow gold and stainless steel Yacht-Master joined the lineup in the early 2000s. Rolex stopped making yellow gold and steel Yacht-Master models a few years back but the brand has replaced them with another Rolesor option—two-tone Everose gold and steel ones. The current-production two-tone Yacht-Master models include stainless steel cases topped with Everose gold bezels and stainless steel Oyster bracelets with Everose gold center links. The Everose Rolesor models are available with 40mm or 37mm cases and both sizes offer the option between a black or brown dial. 

Prices (current collection):

  • Everose Rolesor Yacht-Master 37 ref. 268621: $13,150 
  • Everose Rolesor Yacht-Master 40 ref. 126621: $14,500


In less than three decades, the Yacht-Master has grown to become Rolex’s most diverse sports watch collection, offering a vast assortment of sizes and styles for both men and women. From the discontinued models to the current-production ones, the Yacht-Master’s distinct combination of luxury and robustness has paved the way for its enduring popularity.

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