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Omega x Swatch Speedmaster: Timepiece Fashion World Thrown into Shopping Frenzy

This Timepiece now costs more than 10x its original price!

As soon as the Omega x Swatch Speedmaster MoonSwatch was released, Swatch stores worldwide became swamped with watch enthusiasts. The iconic piece collection consists of eleven pieces, each one referencing the solar system’s planets and celestial bodies. These include the Moon, Sun, Mercury, Pluto, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn, and Uranus. The Omega x Swatch Speedmaster, inspired by NASA’s 1969 Apollo 11 moon landing, features a quartz MoonSwatch chronograph referencing the mechanical Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch.


This will be the first time the luxury Omega brand will collaborate with its entry-level counterpart in the Swatch Group. The watch is affordable at a price of $206, meaning buyers can buy the entire collection for way less than the original model.

Meanwhile, Swatch clarified that the MoonSwatch isn’t a limited edition release, but that didn’t stop thousands from rushing it. The rush created chaotic scenes that got a store closed in central London and some arrests in Geneva. Hodinkee conducted a video interview where a buyer said he traveled from Las Vegas to Los Angeles to get the watch. He waited over 22 hours to buy the Omega watch, which now sells for 10 x the original value on secondary markets like eBay.


The collection is currently out of stock, but there’s a promise for restocks. So, if you missed out, expect restocks of the Omega x Swatch Speedmaster in the coming weeks in designated stores.

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