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Omega x Swatch Moonswatch Collab Faces Criticism for Leaving Dye Stains on Wrist

Several customers have been forced to question its authenticity

Following the launch of the MoonSwatch, several watch enthusiasts have flooded stores - online and offline, hoping to get their hands on the new release. It seemed everybody wanted a piece of Omega x Swatch Speedmaster timepiece. Well, some customers eventually did, and they were pretty disappointed. A number of them expressed online how they noticed a stain on their wrist after wearing the watch.


One dissatisfied Facebook user wrote a review on his wall. He said in his post that the color "seems to leak into your skin." He also posted pictures and videos of the watch's stains and scratches, admitting that "the watch was cheap but still wasn't worth the price."


Another customer - a Reddit user who had also purchased the same watch, made a post on the app, hoping to discover others who had had the same experience. He shared photos of the dye stain left by the watch on his wrist. He was perplexed as to whether the collab timepiece was authentic or not.

As a result of these claims, YouTubers have resorted to testing the watches to confirm this complaint. The results can be seen in the videos below.

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