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The Omega x Swatch Moonswatch: Was It a Blessing and a Curse?

The experts - Tim Bender, Doug Kaplan, and Robert-Jan Broer (creator of #SpeedyTuesday), will need to answer this question.

The collaborative effort of two iconic watch brands, Omega and Swatch, brought about the release of the Speedmaster Moonswatch. However, there was a serious commotion at Swatch stores globally as fans of the piece and resellers camped in record numbers. There's even the understanding that some arrived almost two days in advance for the Speedmaster. There were fights and trampling recorded in some Swatch locations, which led to delays and police interventions, but the pieces still sold out.


The Speedmaster has always been a favorite among watch enthusiasts for its affordable price and synonymous connection to space and NASA. The link to space particularly spikes the excitement when you remember we're at the beginning of the Artemis era for NASA. Since the release was not a limited edition, you'd expect that there would be leftovers, but not so much.

Experts reported that the watch was something out of Supreme drop because they require years of saving to oblivion. Watch collaborations aren't the problem; high-low strategy is. The question then is, is the price weighted towards the product's value or the brand's? Also, will the Moonswatch become the next widely accepted device thrown around in marketing like the Balenciaga Crocs collaboration?


Omega and Swatch will undoubtedly keep horology a top priority, but strategies like this can set a precedent for rinse-and-repeat approaches to product releases. Like every pristine and "un-revealed" thing, there'll be a slight sense of dread tied to the piece, especially considering the madness that unfolded at Swatch. Meanwhile, it's evident that this collaboration wasn't just a cash grab because much detail went into the Moonswatch. However, the Speedmaster Moonswatch's success may be the further opening of Pandora's Box.

This whole event needs some detailed analysis. So, we have invited some infamous watch collectors to a round table. We'd have Doug Kaplan from Bob's watches, Tim Bender of Fog City Vintage, the creator of #SpeedyTuesday Community, and Robert-Jan Broer of Fratello watches.

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