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Chopard Imperiale

Chopard Imperiale

This wristwatch is designed to appeal to the feminine side of nature. It employs dazzling richness, subtle delicacy, and attention to detail, to achieve its overall aesthetic appeal. It is the ultimate tribute to modern-day Amazon who is irrepressible, noble in character, and possesses a beauty that is bested only by their spirit.

Chopard Imperiale

The Chopard Imperiale is encrusted with 18-carat rose gold, also known as pink or red gold. The reddish color is due to a mixture of copper with the gold. It features a highly durable stainless-steel finish that makes it corrosion resistant. This steel and chromium alloy is the secret behind its hardness and toughness. It also ensures that the shine of the wristwatch does not wear off. The final result is a masterpiece in refined design. The dials that register information about hours, minutes and seconds are generously designed with a silver-tone. The hands are also finely carved with the same rose gold finish, creating a throwback effect to the imperial days of mighty empires, complemented by the amethyst cabochon.

It is water-resistant to the extent of 50 meters and has dimensions of 36mm. The dials are silver-toned with a mother of pearl center that anchors the beauty of this timepiece. It is also set with gems.

The strap is made from black alligator leather and is glossy. The buckle is made from stainless steel and is a pin buckle.

It shows time in hours, minutes, seconds, and the date.

The movement or winding of the watch is quartz and is set with colored stones.

The bezel or ring around the watch face is set with diamonds.

This watch boasts of a stylized and poised silhouette that sits pretty on the wrist of any lady that adorns it. It features arabesque motifs inspired by the designs on draperies used by imperial monarchs. The hands are sword-shaped, while the hour-markers are Roman-style with a crown curve like a lotus flower. The combination of all this is best seen than described. You cannot go wrong by making a gift for someone with this.

The front glass has been chemically and heat tempered to a hardness level of 5, which makes it scratch resistant. It is also made from sapphire crystal, which is as hard as diamonds and complements the diamond encrusting on its bezel. The dials on some of versions of the Chopard Imperiale are green with white diamond carat set at 1.1700. The buckle may also be folding clasp instead of pin,

It only gets better at this point. Apart from all the basic features of a Chopard Imperiale, the Imperiale with reference number 384242-5005 has a dial of mother-of-pearl and diamonds. The white diamond carat is set at 2.9300. The buckle is pin type while it is made of 18 carats rose gold. It shows time in hour and minutes. The winding is self-winding or automatic. To do so, its winds, based on the motions of the wearer, which oscillates the weight of heavy metal. The frequency of measurement of the watch’s movement speed as measured in semi-oscillations comes to 4 hertz or 28,800 vibrations per hour, the standard for a modern wristwatch. This high-frequency results in smoother and enhanced accuracy in movement. It is also set with 25 jewels.

Another Chopard Imperiale, known as Imperiale Tourbillon with reference number 384250-5005, sits on a royal purple leather strap, evoking healthy strands of feminity. It also carries four shining amethysts that enhance its color. The white diamond carat is set at 22.6000, and the case dimensions are 42mm. This high-end Chopard creation is exclusive to their boutiques. It functions with a tourbillion, inspired by pocket watches of old. In modern watches like the Imperiale, In old watches, it introduced a gravitational effect since they were mostly kept in the pocket. For modern watches worn on the wrist, the tourbillon provides only aesthetic value. It indicates hours, minutes, seconds, and power. It has a power reserve of up to 216 hours, which means it can last up to 9 days without the need for winding. It also has a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour or 4 hertz, the standard for modern watches.

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