What to look for when you buy CWC G10 Military watches and you don't want to get fleeced

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What to look for when you buy CWC G10 Military watches and you don't want to get fleeced

Fake CWC G10's

Yes there are fake Cwc G10's in circulation! As a watch dealer i frequently visit antique fairs and watch fairs, looking for stock. Twice over the last week i have seen/been offered fake Cwc's. They are quite good copies but hopefully the information i am about to give you will avoid you being ripped off!.

Firstly if you are buying from a photograph then things are harder to spot. The the most obvious flaw in the copies is that the broad arrow and issues numbers are black filled rather than the natural metal of the real thing.

Check the photo of the one you are looking at and if the back isn't photographed ask the seller to send or post one on the listing.If the letters and numbers are filled with black paint be wary.The issue numbers on the backs are also entirely spurious on the copy watches.

A customer of mine recently mailed me and said he had come across a copy with a seiko epson movement so the fakers are using whatever comes to hand i guess! The real watches have jewelled eta movements of good quality.

If you can physically see and hold the watch things are more straightforward. The dial on the copies is set deeper in the case than the real thing and if you are still in any doubt then the next thing to do is open the battery hatch on the rear.

Here things get a little amusing as there is no battery compartment under the hatch,indeed you cant actually see anything at all, just a void ! Removing the whole caseback reveals a tiny miyota movement of the sort fitted in cheap £3 market watches and cheap ladies watches.

Hopefully this info will save save someone from getting their fingers burnt,i haven't seen any copies on ebay yet but no doubt they will appear. Probably sold by unsuspecting sellers who didnt realise these were being faked as the values rise.

Be careful out there!


Check outh the official CWC page here.

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